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Luxe Puff Pillow

Luxe Puff Pillow

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Sleep better than you ever have before!

Enjoy a zero-gravity, cloud-like sleep experience. This three-chamber construction pillow is filled with 650F.P down and feathers for optimal contouring and support.

This luxurious pillow has everything you need for a peaceful night's rest.

  • Its softness resembles that of clouds. Goose down is a natural product made from goose feathers. Also, the down tufts are light and breathable for maximum comfort and rest.
  • It is constructed of 500-count cotton and polyester with a "skin feel" treatment that gives it a soft, baby-like feel.
  • You will stay cool and dry all night thanks to the countless air channels between high-quality down.

Luxe Puff Down Pillow



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